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Here you can find the open source projects I have developed.  All the projects published here will be open source, so you can download the code and work on it as you like, there is no restriction :).

LayoutManager - ASP.Net control

This is a custom control which helps you to create a layout for web pages very easily with the same ease you did for windows forms. It has a good designer support, so that you don’t need to write a single line of code. All settings can be configured via the designer...

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LayoutManager - JQuery Plugin

This is a plugin for JQUery, which will helps you to arrange the layout of a web page with ease. It is very easy to use and configure.

Features of this plugin are:

  1. No need to write a single line of CSS code
  2. You don’t need to write complex JavaScript to manage the layout.
  3. Easily customizable
  4. This uses un-obstructive styling; here the HTML is completely separated from the rendering logic
  5. Fluid layout – that means the layout is adjusted based on the resolution

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  1. Normal version - Get it
  2. Compressed version - Get it