Sharing my knowledge


www.ifscfinder.com is an application where you can search for IFSC(Indian Financial System Code) of any banks in India. Even though there are lot of applications already out there in the wild which helps to do this, but all those fall under common UI design patterns, it will either

  1. Multiple dropdowns from which user needs to select each values to out filter the results.
  2. Series of links, either sorted based on bank or location and clicking on those links takes to another list of links, etc…

These two categories needs multiple clicks to find the exact IFSC code you are looking for, which was very annoying(at least for me). So I created this simple app, with a search interface which is more intuitive way than the other apps.


if you are not able to find your result in the first page itself, then my app also needs multiple clicks to get the result, but if you construct the search query correctly. I think the app is smart enough to show the result in the first page itself.

Technical details :

Hosted on Azure : https://appharbor.com/ (free account Smile ), it uses asp.net MVC3(razor engine) for the UI part. No database for storing bank information because the free account in appharbor.com only allowed 20 MB SQL Database which was not enough to store information about all the branches in India, instead it uses  lucene.net indexed file storage which also helps to do the searching.