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Web Usability– avoid an extra page load with OpenSearch.

Now a days most of the websites, blogs or any applications that are on internet will have a search functionality which is great!!!. Before the Omnibox concept was introduced by google chrome, if we want to search something in google, as a user I need to go to www.google.com and type the search query. After the introduction of Omnibox, user don’t need to open the google website instead you could do the search from the address bar itself. From the usability point of view, it is a great functionality IMHO.

From the point of google search application, they have done it smartly. As a web developer how could you provide the same usability feature to your own website. Some of the website I frequently visits has done like this.



If you are in google chrome, after you type the stackoverflow.com a message will be displayed on the address bar saying that “Press Tab to search Stack Overflow”. If you press tab, you can directly type the search query in the address bar itself and pressing enter will show the results. This basically allows you to do a quick search, instead of going to the website and finding the search box and pressing search button(a long process is it? Smile)